NBM01CDr [bleed] "Black Leather Uniform" CDr

the colour is black

the material is leather

the seduction is beauty

the justification is honesty

the aim is ecstasy

the fantasy is death

susan sontag

the german solo-project [bleed] was founded in 2.006 to create art and sound entirely dedicated to a sadomasochistic sexuality and lifestyle. inspired by the transgressive literature of georges bataille and pauline réage [bleed] unleashes sonic attacks and droning soundscapes to evoke a world of lust and pain.

but who is [bleed]? just do not care. what you see is what you get: [bleed] is pleasure & pain, bondage & discipline, dominance & submission. [bleed] is a world of fetish and of the destruction of boundaries. following bataille: ‘human life is an experience to be carried as far as possible’.

‘black leather uniform’ is the second outing of [bleed] after the debut-mcd ‘bondage & discipline’ on the french label hermetique/gasoline (2.007) – a radical piece of concept art, merging aggressive noise, pounding martial rhythms and painful vocals with distorted photography and a very physical presentation.

[bleed] on!

Deluxe package with black leather sleeve with silver print. Poly transparent case with colour cover adn six coloured postcards! Limited edition of 150 copies.


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