New cassette from Wertham’s side project, CALIGULA031, the follow-up to the acclaimed “SLAVETRADE 2000” CD/Cassette on Filth and Violence.

Lugano (CH), Summer of 2012. Ticino police launch Operation Domino to crack down on semi-legal brothels, which had come to be considered normal in the area and attracted thousands of sex tourists from Italy. Although widely accepted and tolerated, Swiss whorehouses were fronts for other criminal activities, such as violence, drug smuggling and loan sharking-mostly organized by Eastern European gangs.

"Domino" is a sonic report of these events, a new instalment in which CALIGULA031 again focuses on human trafficking from the former eastern block to one of Europe's wealthiest regions, charged with exploitation, smut, war memories and post traumatic disorders.

Hostile power electronics, with explicit vocals, pulsating frequencies, analog noise and real voices sampled from Switzerland's underbelly....

150 copies in cardboard box with 4 cards, 1 a4 insert and pin.


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