NBM04TAPE ICHOROUS "Drift Of Sanity" C40

Conceptual and dynamic analog harsh noise. Loops, cut-ups, and walls of pounding feedback/metal/vocals all collide on this excursion into the realms of serious mental illness and its grisly aftermath.  Crashes of metal and screeching microphone feedback crush the listener while screaming vocals pan in and out adding to the atmosphere of the recording, with lyrics only seldom explored (accompanying narrations set the mood parallel to the audio tracks themselves) throughout the trip. Prepare your psyche.

White box with cover on the top, 2 coloured inserts, 1 A4 poster xeroxed quality in red paper, black cassette with chrome tape. Limited edition of 100 copies.

11 $ worldwide (Paypal: nilbymouthrec (AT) gmail (DOT) com)

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