INTERRACIAL SEX Nigger Addicted Jackaholic C54 - NBM62TAPE


Another faceless album from the so-called "mosquito", full of shoot-from-the-hip vice signals and crass, juvenile songwriting. "N****r Addicted Jackaholic" is startlingly frank, if narratively underdeveloped. Listeners will never find themselves in doubt about any of it's plot turns or artistic choices, to say the least. Superficially provocative (but ultimately meaningless), this 54-minute album somehow offers no new insights or content. It is compelling up to only an early point, then simply numbing, trite and repetitive. Interracial Sex often luxuriates in his audience's discomforts for longer than they actually have the attention span to understand. He is seemingly attuned to some concepts of race-specific moral complexity but, also, avoidant of any direct mention of them. With this new album the question is whether, in his depiction of degradation, he is also enacting it.

Comes in a black bag with TONS of inserts


8 euro plus postage

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