Arising from the ashes of Cazzodio, Naxal Protocol paves the way for a telluric, warmongering power electronics, reminding the molotov blasts of The Grey Wolves and Survival Unit. The CD released by Eibon Records “The Guilty Should Get What They Deserve!” set the role of the citizen inside a state-controlled system. THE STASI FILE resumes the terror of the ill-famed police of the late DDR to establish an analogy with the recent disorders of Ferguson e Baltimora. Two long tracks of ominous electronics, sometimes rough, sometimes wrapped in a suffocating atmosphere. An endless descent into the disorders, among flames and billy clubs, between the abuse of the authority and the social impotence.
Wrapped in a 'top secret' envelope with inserts

Limited edition of 130 copies

Samples: OR

6,50 euro plus postage

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