On the first new recordings since last year's "Edenfall", Nyodene D explores new sonic territory. "Atop Masada" presents two side-long tracks featuring dense layers of analog synthesizers, organ, mellotron, scrap metal, looped samples and vocals ranging from dirge-like singing to the commanding screamed vocals of prior releases. Mastering was done by John Stillings at Steel Hook Audio, whose ear for preserving the clarity of noise recordings without sacrificing the warmth or grime of the sounds is unparalleled.

Thematically, this release examines the nature of honor, sacrifice and extremism framed in the historical context of the Roman siege of Masada. The release features a pro-dubbed c-30 with pro-printed art and lyrics sheet, all packaged in a burlap cloth satchel.

Limited edition of 130 copies.

6 Euro + postage

Samples: https://soundcloud.com/nilbymouthrec

(Paypal: nilbymouthrec (AT) gmail (DOT) com)

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